Invitation 5 Aug (11-12.30): working on the Marvels Woods Project

This is the invitation we sent out:


Hello everyone,

On 1 July we worked in Marvels Woods (part of Mottingham Woods) and it was a great success. To read more and see the pictures of the hard work, check out our our blog post. Thanks again to everyone who showed up!
We have also helped Friends of Chinbrook Meadows (Grove Park) in July and yesterday again. They work the last Saturday of the month (11-1pm). Yesterday we pulled out nettles along the riverside – this time with long sleeves and less itching!
Coming Saturday 5 August we will cut some more holly in Marvels Woods (the part of Mottingham Woods between Grove Park Cemetery and Castlecombe Rd), so that it will be less dense and a greater diversity of plants can grow.
We continue to work this Summer the first Saturday of the month, but have changed the time a little bit. Maybe 10am on a Saturday was slightly too early; we will start at 11am and work till 12.30pm. It would be great if you can make it. We meet at the carvings at the large entrance on Castlecombe Road, and if we’ve already started, just enter the woods there on your right, near the carvings or towards the cemetery, and you’ll find us there.
Don’t forget to bring some water and, if you have them, gloves and maybe tools. Else we will have some as well. And don’t worry about knowing how to cut holly, it is simple and you just do as much/little as you’re comfortable with. And kids are welcome, of course!
Hope to see you coming Saturday.

Impressions: working in the woods, 1 July

Last 1 July we worked in Marvels Woods. We got lots of holly cut and the area of the carvings is a lot clearer now. 

The next day we will work on the Marvels Woods Project is Saturday 5 August, 10-12pm.

Here are some pictures:

This was the area we have been cutting:

And now you can see this beautiful tree again:

And the carvings and art in-Marvels Woods:

And this beautiful one in the centre:

And some impressions of the hard work (and Brian, the chair of Friends of Mottingham Woods, showing where you can see from the highest point of the hill):

And more work:

Councillor Charles (Bromley) has been involved in Friends of Mottingham Woods since the start. He also joined this time:

And the holly we cut in just 1.5-2hs!!

One of the projects of Friends of Mottingham Woods has been this beautiful mural on the wood’s side of Grove Park Cemetery. It is the product of a collaboration with the schools and kids in the neighbourhood, an artist, and the Friends. Over the years it has lost a bit of its flavour as there is a layer with green etc. covering (parts of) it. Maybe in the (near) future we will have the opportunity to clean it so all the bright colours and lovely images come out even more again. Here is a compilation of puctures as it is now.

The first day of work of 2017 was a success and we want to thank everyone for coming out early to show support and cut holly. It was great fun. It was also good to see that people from both Mottingham and Grove Park came to help and we made contacts with new people as well.

Hope to see you (again) on 5 August, 10-12pm. We plan to work all first Saturdays of the month this Summer, so if you can’t make August, maybe see you in September. 

Invitation: cutting holly in Marvels Wood (1 July, 10am)

This is the e-mail invitation we sent out:

Hello everyone in Mottingham, Grove Park and Elmstead Woods,

You have either already shown an interest in improving Mottingham Woods, or we have sent you this e-mail in the hope that you might have an interest to support us or know others who do.

Mottingham Woods consists of Lower Marvels Wood, Elmstead Wood and Marvels Wood. Marvels Wood is the section of Mottingham Woods between Grove Park Cemetery and Castlecombe Road, behind Charminster Rd. Mottingham Woods Friends has been doing amazing work over the last 5ys to make the woods look like they do now (including the carvings!). Brian and I (Dyi) plan to cut holly on Sat 1 July in Marvels Wood. And Brian, who is the chair of Mottingham Woods Friends, will also talk a little bit about the history before we start cutting.

We want to keep up the good work that Mottingham Woods Friends have done in the woods in the past years and mobilise more people who want to contribute so we can do even more to improve the woods. We just set up this e-mailaddress. We have also set up a blog, which will be developed soon!. And it would be great if you could forward this e-mail.

We thought it would be a good idea to start off by doing some cutting; we will cut holly and, if we have enough time and hands, some bramble, and clean some litter if necessary. It would be great if you could help out and maybe bring a friend. No special skills needed, just cut as much or as little as you can do – all and everyone is welcome!! If you can’t help with the cutting because of disabilities or health issues or so, you can always come for Brian’s talk and for moral support! We would love to meet you and make more connections – the more the merrier.

We will meet 1 July, 10am. Brian will talk a bit about the history, then we will cut till about 12pm (or earlier if we’re already tired). We’ll meet at the large entrance on Castlecombe Road (where the road turns away from the woods). If you’re a bit later, just look for the people cutting (or listening to the history). Don’t forget to bring enough water and, if you have, a cutting tool and gloves! We will also bring tools. At the end of the morning, we can make further plans for the woods!

Looking forward to meeting you all the 1st of July.

Mottingham Woods Friends